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Darnell T. Glover Joins Hicks talent Management As Its' Vice President

Darnell T. Glover, President/CEO of Darnell T. Glover Communications located in Chicago, IL has join Hicks Talent Management as its' Vice President. Hicks Talent Management is currently seeking young talent to up date its' talent resource.

Darnell states he is very happy to be a part of this great talent management service, that there are so many talented youths trying to get involved in the entertainment business without any business knowledge in this field to become successful. He further states that Hicks Talent Management will be holding monthly auditions and interviews at the 35th Street Recording Studio located also in Chicago, IL.

We are prepared to groom you to stardom!
Are you looking to showcase your talents on Television, CD/DVD, and
on Stage?


The Taste Of Success, We Make It Happen!
Seeking Male/Female Vocalists & Rappers
For Recordings & Management NOW
Come and work with our engineers, songwriters, producers & promoters

Auditions/Interviews will be held at the state of art “35th Street Recording Studio” located in Chicago.

Benefits: If you are selected and also accepted by Hicks Talent Management be
low is some of the steps that will be taken to promote your talents.
• Photo Sessions for public relations photos (Press Kits, Press Releases, Promotional Handbills etc)
• Video Taping (promotional interviews and showcasing your talent on Television, Music video)
• Recording Studio Time ( Recording a demo at the state of art 35th Street Recording Studio will
go into mass distribution to major record companies, airplay at all major radio stations in the nation
seeking a record recording deal.)
• Transportation ( If you have problems getting to the audition and you are within 25 miles of the
35th Street Recording Studio and we are notified within 24 hours of the audition date we will
come and get you and will return you back to where you were pick up.) etc
• Stage Shows (to showcase your talents, you will also be performing in concerts along with major artists live acts across the country. Wardrobes will be provided along with travel and hotels,) etc
Audition Date & Time To Be Announced ● Photo ID Needed ● Seeking Vocalist Ages: 18 to 35 ● Rappers Ages: 18 to 25 ● Talent will be judged on: Talent, Personality, Character, Conversation,
Appearance, Stage Performance. “If you are serious, committed and clearly focus on being
a recording artist and performer that is willing to work hard at being successful, then we want
you to attend our star filled audition.”

Seeking Bands
For audition date, time information call: (312) 237-5523 or (641) 715-3900 Ext. 87066#
“Hicks Talent Management works very closely with all major record companies.”
Food & Beverage Available Complements of Hicks Talent Management
We are prepared to groom you to stardom!
Are you looking to showcase your talents on Television, CD/DVD, and on Stage?

The Taste Of Success ,We Make It Happen!
Seeking Male/Female Vocalists & Rappers
For Recordings & Management NOW
Come and work with our engineers, songwriters, producers & promoters
Copyright 2008 All rights reserved Hicks Talent Management

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When Life Seems Hopeless Blogtalkradio Show Will Air Soon

Darnell T. Glover, President/CEO of Darnell T. Glover Communications has announced his upcoming blogtalkradio Internet radio show. This show will address some of the needs of those who can not and will not and has not talk for themselves. Darnell states that this show will be very exciting as well as informative. Stay tune for more information.

Apostle Dirk Carter Blogtalkradio Show Started Sunday Oct. 5, 2008

Darnell T. Glover, President/CEO of Darnell T. Glover Communications has announced today that world wide outreach ministry apostle, Apostle Dirk Carter has launch his Blogtalkradio "Advancing The Kingdom Of God" intetnet radio talk show on Sunday, October 5, 2008.

The Apostle shows are aired every Sunday at 8:00 AM & 11:00 AM; Every Tuesday at 7:00 PM and Every Thursday at 7:00 PM on the Blogtalkradio network. Tune in on these days to recieved your blessings at or one can call (914) 803-4214 to listen to this amazing man of God.

Apostle Dirk Carter's battle cry during his first internet talk radio show was “Advancing The Kingdom Of God.” Apostle Carter main concerns is reaching the unchurched and leading them into a bright new positive life and a new way of doing things with Jesus in their lives.


I was born on May 18th, 1956 on the west side of Chicago, Illinois. I am the youngest of six children. I lost my mother and stepfather through gun violence, at which time I went to live with my older siblings until I was eighteen years of age.

I joined the Marine Corp directly after high school. I developed an alcohol and drug problem, and made a decision to go into a treatment center in Elkhart, Indiana in 1982. Thanks to the glory of God, I have been delivered ever since.

I was called to the ministry in 1991 where a man of God bore witness with my gift as an evangelist. I then began to lead and train members of the Charismatic Church in Elkhart, Indiana. The leaders of this church recommended that I attend the Missionary Theological Seminary to attain my Ministry Ordination papers.

I became a part of the pastoral team at a homeless shelter for several years; during the time of service, I received Ordination papers through the Pentecostal Church. I began to train church leaders providing evangelism and soul winning training throughout the Midwest area, working with church leaders in their churches.

During that time, a group of pastors who acknowledged the apostolic anointing on my life as an
apostle of Jesus Christ confirmed in my heart what God had spoken unto me. The Holy Spirit of God spoke unto my heart to expand my boundaries around the world. I have been in ministry for over 17 years. I have served in poverty stricken, gang infested, very violent communities providing the word of God, foods, clothing, and meeting many other needs including ministry to prison system over last fifteen years.

As an apostle of Jesus Christ I offer an evangelism and soul winning courses to churches. The course consisted of twenty-four hours of intense training. The course is made up of two classes, evangelism one and two. The classes are designed to equip leaders and layman for the work of ministry.

Please visit our web site at http://

My primary focus is reaching lost souls for Jesus Christ; for the building of the
kingdom of God; and promoting unity in the Body of Christ. I believe very strongly in fulfilling the great commission as mentioned in the book of Matt. 28:19,20 which state "go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son and the holy spirit. etc.

I would consider it an honor and privileged to serve you, your church and community. I am available for revivals, speaking engagements, evangelism and soul winning training seminars. There is also specialize training which I provide to churches entitled, “How to defend our faith against cults” such as Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and The New Age Movement, etc

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When Life Seems Hopeless

I have found as life goes on there are many ups and downs that people are having problems with; many times there is no one that they can or wish to talk too. Husbands don't understand their wives, mothers and fathers don't understand their children and their children don't understand them as well.

No one really has time to care about others; they are all caught up in their own worlds and problems. They, as many may feel, that there is not enough time in a day for their problems and the problems of others even if it is of their own blood. “THIS HAS TO STOP!” No one lives on this earth by themselves so therefore we all have to learn to share all that this great earth and world has to share.

“When Life Is Hopeless” what should I do many may and are asking? Well, my friend, that is really what my show is all about. When a person may find themselves walking into the darkness and they find that they are all alone, with no light coming to sight. Many do not try to communicate with their higher power because there is no ongoing relationship. There are no family or friends that they can trust telling them about the darkness that they have enter. It could be drugs, murder, being beaten up by a mate, loosing a job or the many other daily problems that comes into ones life.

Ask Your Pastor Questions
9:32:06 PM Sunday, October 05, 2008

I have been thinking about the neighborhood Pastors and how he or she feels about the community around his/her church. Where is his/her heart and love concerning those that are hurting, those single mothers and fathers that are trying to raise their children without the assistance of an mate.
Where is his/her heart concerning the drug dealer that is right across from the church or just down the street. What are his/her concerns surrounding the young children that is being murder almost daily. Is his/her church doors only open on Sundays and/or to those who are members?
Every one needs to confront these suppose to be men and women of God and find where their hearts are. Do he/she give food and clothing to those in need? Are they starting an after-school program for those children who has too come home to house where there is no hot dinner waiting or no ones at home.
We all need to ask “QUESTIONS” until they are answer

When Life Seems Hopeless

9:54:28 AM Sunday, October 05, 2008Life is a very beautiful thing if you only allow it too be. Today is great because it is a day closer to me coming on air, as i plan a great and exciting show for you. One can email me with subjects that you want to talk about to my email address: or go to my youtube site: and message me there.My freinds, please remeber that this is not my show, but it belongs to each of you.