Monday, December 1, 2008


From Preaching the Gospel to Singing the Rhythm & Blues

New York, NY December 1, 2008 - Many has ask what is your conception about a pastor/preacher singing Rhythm & Blues, or music of any other genre other than Gospel? Does it challenge your religious beliefs? Can a pastor/preacher do them both, or is it straddling the fence to do so? Have you ever even been confronted with the opportunity to search your soul for an answer to these questions?

Well it seems as though the time has very well come, to do so, as Kenton Rogers, who is an ordained and well known pastor, crosses the line. Certainly, he is stirring up debate and already stimulating heated conversations amongst the church, and unchurched, with his R&B singles “Confession of a Preacha Man” and “Ridin High” from his forthcoming and premiere Urban/R&B project “Reality Check” only GOD can judge me.
While the naysayers hold the belief that preaching the gospel and singing the blues somehow just don’t mix and shouldn’t be mixed, there seems to be an even greater wind of support backing this free and unchained (independent) recording artist.
God’s Son Of Soul Kenton Rogers is geared up to kick-off his Heart 2 Heart Connections Radio Tour on Monday, December 15, 2008 on The Producers Corner Platinum Morning Show hosted by The Platinum Girl FloĆ¢ on at 8 am ET at The tour will grant to radio hosts around the world, the opportunity of access to an upfront and personal interview with Kenton, who is one of the most progressive and inspiring personalities of this millennium.
Though he has been referred to as one of the world’s best kept secrets, by far, he is certainly not a newcomer to the industry and entertainment business. However, if you thought you were acquainted with him, think again, this is a new and more matured Kenton, who is more certain than ever about his convictions and purpose in life.
Kenton Rogers is available to perform at your next event, interviews on your radio or television show. For more information contact: BTG Management/Patricia Norman (773) 903-0228 Web Site: URL: Email: