Monday, March 9, 2009


As move and move Afro-American women began to understand the important of their persent and as the world is stopping and taking notice. Strong Afro- American women is taking their places in every corner of this world. Our most talented and beatiful Queen Qiana has taken her spot in the music business as she forms The Queen Qiana Music & Television Productions.
This television production will first began to appear on Chicago's CAN-TV and will star up and coming talent both young and old. Queen Qiana's television show will allow many to promote their talents and music to the City of Chicago.
Coming soon, a much requested very special CD of "QUEEN QIANA" songs "COME WITH ME" "DIRTY LIFE" AND "SHAKE YOUR GROOVE THANG". This limited Queen Qiana's CD is comig your way. Be on the lookout. To hear these great songs, they are playing daily at Be sure to leave a comment in her GUESTBOOK and become a member of the site.

The Queen is also avilable for engagements, for more information contact us @