Thursday, November 27, 2008

Chicago's Media Mogul Johnny Bling Has Joined Chicago's Hicks Talent Management Services

Darnell T. Glover, Vice President of Chicago's Hick Talent Management Services has announced today that young business media mogul Johnny (Victor Vallo) Bling has been appointed Marketing & Creative Director.

Victor Vallo (born August 4, 1984), known by his stage name Johnny Bling, is a record producer, promoter, manager, men's/women's fashion designer, media mogul, and entrepreneur. In the year 2001, Johnny Bling entered in to the music business with his fellow friends to establish their first independent record label venture, Verse-A-Tyle Entertainment.

Within the company, Victor positioned himself as the CEO, managing and overseeing the careers of 10 different urban acts. Over his career, Johnny Bling has managed such acts as A-Guttah, E-Money, Desire, Trajik, and BNIC. He is also accredited for helping to break artists throughout the Midwest.

Johnny Bling is rapidingly becoming a pioneer in the development and influence of urban music. Also in 2006, Victor 'J Bling' Vallo was added to a local Chicago television music video show called, “Tha Low TV” to help make it a household commodity with his creative style marketing and promoting strategies.

In 2008, Bling entered into an agreement with Hicks Talent Management of Chicago, Illinois, to start a label in Chicago for the city's untapped talent as well as promotional dutries. He also has created his own business enterprise, "ExtraVaGant Ent, LLc,"  where he has already laid the foundation for several other brands and companies.

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